Here at Bloomin Beautiful we use only the finest waxes.  We offer both strip wax and hot wax using Waxperts which was formulated for sensative skin types to achieve a smooth, painless, easy wax with little redness after the treatment.

Eyebrows £7.00
Lip or chin £5.00
Lip & Chin £7.00
Side of face £5.00
Underarm £10.00
Lower leg inc knees & feet £15.00
Upper leg inc knees £12.00
Full leg inc knees & feet £22.00
Feet £6.00
Forearm £10.00
Small of back £8.00
Naval line £5.00
Male chest £20.00
Male back £20.00
Intimate Waxing
Basic Bikini £10.00
Removes all visible pubic hair outside the knickers at the front only.
High Side £25.00
Hair removed from the sides going narrow at the bottom, top of the public line perfected and visible hairs underneath removed allowing to wear high leg knickers with no visible hair.
Brazilian £20.00
A thorough wax removing hair from the back, front and outside leaving a landing strip on the inside.
Hollywood £25.00
Same as Brazilian however, inner side hair also removed therefore hair is removed from all areas. Please note you will be required to remove your underwear for this waxing option.